“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”
Karen Davison


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Chester and Celine

Just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. My husband adores Chester and Celine. They give him joy everyday! He feels like the empty void is finally filled. He still misses Jeb, but Chester does a good job of being dad's little boy, Celine is half on the fence--- neither mom favorite or dad favorite--- just both. . . Chester and Celine love to run and play with toys and dump toys into my work shoes. They love to sleep on our bed and in the clean laundry basket. Our black cat is acclimating well and attempting to play with them when she doesn't get spooked.  Again thank you for letting us be their mom and dad.  They are the best ever!

With love,
Katherine and Donald H.


I wanted to thank you for allowing us to adopt JoJo.  We love him very much---he is a great little kid and he is adjusting just fine.  I'm happy to report he is very well trained.  He has not had an accident at home at all, and he is being walked on a schedule.  He is doing great. I believe don't believe he will need a crate, but he got one in case he needs it. On Sunday we took him to get his shot for Rabies and I have attached the paper work for your  review. I will be taking him next week to a vet at for his heart worm pills. He is wonderful and is adjusting very well. We got toys, and he is allowed to sleep with anyone he wants. The first night he slept with my daughter, and the next with me. Today he is staying with my son so he is not alone while I'm at work. My granddaughter mentioned that since he is starting a new life he should be named Beige (his color). We are still debating.
Talk to you soon,

Lorena C.

Miss Penny

I've attached the receipt for Miss Penny's rabies shot. I have changed her name to Bailey, and she's doing really well! She attached to me the first day I got her and she hasn't stopped following me around since. She's getting better at meeting new people and gets along really well with other dogs! She loves chasing her tail, cuddling, and napping. Thank you so much for everything you do.  She's an amazing dog!
Rachel H.

Happy Zoey!

We just want to thank you again for our latest addition, Zoey.  She has been with us since the end of last May. We have had dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, ducks, and turtles as pets for 42 years of our marriage.  Zoey, by far, has been the joy of our lives.  She keeps us entertained daily.  She has so much love to give.  We are planning to bring her to see you around her one year birthday in March.  We would like to send a current picture of her to you, but don't see an attachment spot at this link.  Thanks again for our Zoey.

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